We are now over half way to the 100th day mark. The 100th day marks when complications from the transplant decrease.  It also marks when you are not needed to be seen in outpatient as much and sometime in that period (between 50 -100), many patients can look at living at home once again. Depending on how Jennifer does, this may be possible before the end of May.

Today, we once again have left the hospital and have returned to the hotel close to The James. Jennifer was admitted on Monday because her tremors were causing her problems walking and feeding herself. They have since calmed down. They also changed her anti-fungal medicine because she was still experiencing hallucinations from time to time. And although the hallucinations seem to be gone, the new medication has been hard on her stomach.  We are monitoring that closely and we hope by the end of the weekend, she tolerates it better.

Jennifer’s counts have been on a roller-coaster ride these last couple weeks. One of her medications can cause this to happen, but to be sure that is the case and not her bone marrow not working, yesterday she had a biopsy.  We should hear some pliminary results of that biopsy tomorrow or early next week. In the mean time, she has received a couple nupengen shots to keep her white count up and will probably get some blood products tomorrow at the clinic.

We are going to inquire tomorrow, about a weekend retreat home. We hope she is safe enough to go home for a day or two. We don’t think it will happen but we are hoping. 

Since March 21 (the day of Jen’s admission), she has lost 35 pounds.  And over the course of the last six months,  65 pounds. And although, she loves she has lost weight, she has lost a lot of muscle and strength also. She tires quickly and sleeps a great deal. As each day passes, this will improve, along with her appetite. 

And as hard as these last six months have been, we were reminded over the last week, how blessed we are to have Jen here with us today. My dear friend’s son was in a bad motorcycle accident last week and is doing poorly. And also Randy’s first cousin, lost her husband at the young age of 44 on Mother’s Day.  Both incidents have us deeply sadden but yet once again has us seeing how precious life is. We take nothing for granted, and try to make each day count. We hope our journey has taught not only us so very much, but also has taught those who have been following along a great deal too. Because of Jen (#BecauseOfJen), we have come so far. 

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