Here we are, four full days out of the hospital. It helps, we have had two maintenance visits, one on Friday in the clinic and one on Sunday with infusion to get platelets.  Tomorrow,  Jen will be seen in the clinic again, which is good because yesterday her white count and ANC was very low, thus the need for a neupengen shot. 

On Saturday afternoon,  Jen and I saw Cirque Du Soleil at the Schott.  And although Jen found the show nearly too long to sit through,  she stayed for the entire thing. We were both amazed by the shear strength of the performers.

We are hopeful yet again Jen will be given permission to go home for a short visit but with her counts fluctuating so much, I’m not sure she is ready. Her low white counts today has made her feel fatigued with a sore throat. We watched closely all day for fevers but thankfully she had known.

So now, nearly eight weeks since her transplant,  we continue to wait for her health to improve and life to be somewhat normal. 

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