Today, Jen had an appt at the hematology clinic in Columbus. She hadn’t been to a clinic appt. for three weeks so we were excited to see what changes we would see. To start, Jen will once again be decreasing the amount of meds that protect her from developing GVHD. As this medicine is decreased, Jen will experience less tremors and hopefully will be able to drive again. At the rate of current decrease, we can expect to be completely off of the medication in about two months.

Also since Jen’s platelets have come up, she will start taking a blood thinner. She needs to do this because she had blood clots and a pulmonary embolism. Although it is not expected she will develop more, this is protocol for anyone who has had one. Hopefully in a few months, she can stop taking tbis medication.

Jen also starts aquatic therapy tomorrow.  She has had a great deal of muscle loss and has been having a great deal of back pain. Hopefully the therapy will help her get stronger and the pain will subside.  She will have an mri of her back to be sure there isn’t something they are missing so we will make a trip to Columbus for that sometime in the next couple weeks

Now for the best news!

Praise Jesus! We prayed and He has answered our prayers.  At this time,  the doctors have told us Jen’s counts (other then her platelets being slightly low) have rebounded. Her white Count, ANC,  and hemoglobin are all normal.  This means the transplant has worked and means even less blood draws. Dr Minns also told us they do not see any reason to have any more biopsies as long as Jen shows no symptoms of low counts or her counts fall.

As Jen moves forward, the focus will be on continue decrease of medications, increasing her strength,  and emotional support. Jen currently appears to be suffering from some PTSD. This is quite common for AML patients, especially when they have had a ton of complications along the way like Jen. But we hope as time passes, Jen will also begin to feel strong emotionally once again. For now, we can support her by listening and by letting her know we are here for her. It was also suggested she spend time doing things she enjoys so be sure to invite her to the movies, to dinner,  to paint, etc. She may take time to feel well enough to go for long periods but in time,  God willing, she will inprove here too.


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