Thursday, January 30
Day +41 Chemo
Day +2 Home

Happy birthday Jennifer’s aunt Kathy Honigford

Thank you Kathleen Schimmoeller for helping with the hair cut for Dexter.

And Shane Hill for stopping by to drop off cards

Also Linda Kaverman for the gift last evening.
I will be making a long post of thank you(s) when I sit down for a sec in the coming days.

We had a little Christmas (addendum) party and celebrated Jennifer’s birthday this evening. Andrew walks in the door and the first thing he says was, “Aunt Denny!” and runs right to her.

We thought we had an emergency last night as Jennifer started popping up a fever
. But by the time I got the car packed up, it was declining. It’s like that white count knows what to do. We checked it every 1-2 hours overnight…which made for a long day today. But after she got a five hour nap this afternoon….she was ready to celebrate with her favorite little guy.

Jen has her (birthday) bone marrow biopsy tomorrow in Columbus. …so she will be beyond exhausted tomorrow. I am considering if she is too exhausted to come home, I will get a hotel stay for a night and come back Saturday.

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