Saturday, Feb 1
Day +43 Chemo
Day +4 Home

I didn’t get an update yesterday as it was a long day to and from Columbus. And by the time we got back…Jen and I were ready to just relax with a movie. While spending a birthday in a car for four hours and having a bone marrow biopsy isn’t an ideal way to spend a birthday, it was better than having to stay at the hospital

They ended up pulling Jen’s PICC line yesterday as they determined it had shifted more. This meant she had to be poked for a blood draw and again for an IV line prior to her biopsy. For the most part, she handles the needles like a champion. She is just tired of being poked so much.

Jen’s counts have improved. Her white count was just under normal, her ANC was in normal ranges, her hemoglobin was up to 9.0 and platelets in the 60s. This meant she didn’t need a transfusion yesterday. The improved platelets have helped with all the mucus in her throat, thus vomiting has not been an issue and hemoglobin is helping her not feel as tired when she is up walking.

Jen’s liver numbers had a slight increase but nothing too drastic. I’m anxious about those numbers improving as her transplant depends on it being in normal ranges as well as being in remission.

We will get the results of her biopsy on Tuesday, so that is lingering in our minds. It already feels like such a long wait.

One thing Jen got for her birthday is this projector that you can stream from your phone to. We are going to get good use out of it in the hospital in the months ahead.

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