Day +48 Chemo
Day +9 Home

Jennifer had an appointment on Tuesday in Columbus at the clinic. Her numbers have done well in recovering since she left the hospital. As I posted earlier, she ended up having another biospy because her counts were too low to get quality data. But the results they did get were promising. We are hoping to have the results of Tuesday’s biopsy tomorrow.

Today, we established care with an oncologist/hematologist in Lima so after her transplant and we are home again (probably into May/June) we have someone to provide count checks and transfusions. Otherwise, we would need to have 2-4 trips to Columbus well into the summer. Also, if Jen has an ER visits for up to a year following her transplant, it is a doctor to relay back to her doctors in Columbus information to make decisions that are best for her. We have done this all before, so we are very familiar with the routine.

The last couple days Jen has made great leaps in getting stronger. She had been able to eat more and is getting stronger. She has been able to pull herself up to a standing position when seated without help and even went down a step going to the garage without needing someone to hold on to. She has been awake more and has done 100+ more steps than yesterday. (Nearing almost 500 today).

We have a very quiet few days coming up but two separate trips to Columbus next week. On Tuesday, she has a clinic appointment and on Thursday, a visit to a heart specialist. The chemo received is very hard on the body and it’s important to know her heart function before moving forward.

Yesterday, I went with Jen’s sister, Jessica to see Sesame Street Live in Fort Wayne. We had bought tickets to take Andrew in November and since Randy was home, I decided to go. It was the first time, in a long time, I allowed myself to think of something besides Jen and the leukemia. I enjoyed watching Andrew get excited about all the Sesame Street characters, especially Elmo.

As noted before, we are looking for businesses and individuals who would like to donate items for the quarter auction in April. If you would like to donate an item, please contact Jessica Crawford or Matt Honigford. We also have wrist bands available for purchase for $5 each. Details on a gun raffle to come in the next couple weeks.

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