Monday, Feb 3
Day +45 Chemo
Day +6 Home

We are six days into adjusting to home life. It is a bit of a challenge at times, but we are finding our limitations and our strengths. Jennifer continues to be very weak and her appetite not great. As we are monitoring her weight loss, each day we continue to see a sharp decline. I don’t recall how long it took before she started eating again after her induction chemo three years ago, but it seems like this has gone on forever. It is one thing, among many, that I plan to address tomorrow at her appointment.We will head out to Columbus around 7:30 tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous as she is so exhausted most of the time, it is going to definitely be a challenge to get her up and going that early. Hopefully, with some anxiety meds before we leave, she will be able to relax most of the drive. She will definitely be wanting a nap by the time the day is over.We will definitely need some prayers as tomorrow we learn the results of her biopsy. The goal is the chemo has completely taken care of the cancer, her liver numbers are improved, and as soon as she is strong enough, to move to transplant. Currently, I think she will need 2-3 weeks, at least, before she is ready (if she is cancer free). I would hate for her to go into the transplant in the current condition she is in. Jen’s sister Jessica and nephew Andrew came over for a visit. I went with Jessica to the park with Andrew. I think I had as much fun as he did. I kept thinking, how much Jennifer would enjoy watching him play…and all I hope for in the coming months, is she is able to do just that. He was so excited to go up and down the slide by himself. Jen would just love love love watching him.
We have set up a meal train (currently have only a few days marked as we aren’t sure what the plan is after tomorrow’s doctor appointment). Also we have bracelets available for purchase. Please contract Jessica Crawford for more information on them.

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