Tuesday, Feb 11
Day +53 Chemo
Day +14 Home

As many of you saw, Jen had an appointment today at the clinic . And the news ….that she is in REMISSION! Because the chemos she has received thus far are so strong, reaching remission with MEC (the chemo she just received) was important. Her body can’t handle much more.
Now it is important to move quickly so that the cancer doesn’t have much time to come back. The registry was looked over and there is a quality 12/12 match . There was several 9/10 matches also but explained the components needed for this to work… there are only a couple options.

The first is the 12/12 on the registry. That is where they will start with health test and if the person is available asap. If they do not get past the health test or if not available very soon, they go to the next option which is a sibling.

Jess and Matt are Haplo matches…which means they only have 1/2 the same genetics. A sibling can be 1/4 to a full match. Fortunately they have the part Jen is needing the 9/10 matches don’t have. Matt is where they plan to look if the 12/12 match falls through. This is because young men have the strongest bone marrow.

The strange genetics that was messed up in her, was corrected with the chemo. …which was necessary to move forward. If her heart function is strong enough, she will get a strong chemo the week prior to transplant. If her heart function has deteriorated, then a less strong chemo will be given.

Jen also needs to have her wisdom teeth extracted as one has a crack in it (probably caused by chemo) so there is not a source of infection once the process is started. We are looking to have this done in the next 5-10 days …as it needs to heal also.

So we will make another trip to Columbus on Thursday to check her heart functions. And then in the next couple weeks, her work up for transplant.

Also, because she has such rare things happening with her AML (like the tumor on her voice box and still being donor cell) I have asked about a second opinion from MD ANDERSON in Houston. Her doctor at the James is looking to see if possible to teleconference with them…so that we don’t need to actually take Jen to Houston at this time. I believe unless necessary, the trip would be hard on her and expose her to a lot of extra germs and viruses. However, if they have options the James doesn’t have, then we would seek traveling to Houston. MD Anderson is the very best in fighting AML.

Also we want to thank you! Your prayers have been heard and my sweet girl is in remission!!!! Praise God! Thank you Jesus!

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