Wednesday, Feb 12
Day +54 Chemo
Day +15 Home

Jen has two appointments in Columbus tomorrow morning We left tonight to get ahead of the weather. As you can see, we didn’t leave soon enough. But we made it.

Tomorrow she is seeing a cardiologist to check her heart function. If heart is strong enough, the plan is for a stronger chemo prior to transplant. Otherwise a less strong chemo is needed

She also is needing to check her kidney numbers as they were off some on Tues… possibly because of dehydration. She didn’t feel great Tuesday (headache and pain) which dehydration can explain that.

We started today in a panic about cost of having two wisdom teeth extracted. However, we have such a wonderful tribe of friends and options for having this done is growing. The sticker shock of $2500 was enough to make Jen cry. ..but let Go, let God has once again been true to form.

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