Tuesday, Feb 18
Day +60 Chemo
Day +21 Home

Jennifer has been getting stronger….now able to walk without using her walker. While she can’t walk longer for periods more than a minute or so, she is feeling stable enough to leave the walker sit in the corner of the room. Because she has gotten to this point, she has been able to ‘graduate’ from home PT. She could benefit from physical therapy on location, but the risk of germs and illness is too much. So she is working on the exercises given to her on her own.

Jen also accomplished taking a shower and getting dressed on her own on Sunday. We hadn’t really discussed her trying this, I was not at home when she wanted to shower…so she decided to give it a try. Her dad was here if she had any emergent needs but she did ok. She used her grabber thingy (not sure the formal name of it) to help get dressed and accomplished this completing herself. Exhausted when done, but it is good to know she was able to do this herself.

I have been cooking like crazy the last couple days…getting lots of options in the freezer for Randy while we are gone next month.. and into April and May. The goal is for there to be options he can pull from freezer when he is working and has little time on his hands for cooking. So far he has meatloaf, beef stew, and shipwreck (a recipe his mom use to make). I have a couple more things to make but I am making a dent in it all

Jen decided to paint some today. …which is the first time in quite awhile. She is not done with it so all you get is a photo of the paint brushes she used.

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