Thursday, Feb 13
Day +55 Chemo
Day +16 Home

Jennifer ended up with three appointments today (instead of one). She had a scheduled appointment with a cardiologist today, but the clinic wanted to check her kidney function as a follow up from Tuesday because they were off some. The numbers improved but still a little off. Her liver numbers are improving also.

The cardiologist appointment went well. She was suppose to see him in December but was in hospital so it was rescheduled. Nothing too interesting to report on this front. The cardiologist at the hospital had already determined her tachycardia was most likely caused by the leukemia having returned. Jen will have an echo cardiogram in a couple weeks to check heart function since she had the strong chemo.

Finally, magic was worked by the hematology clinic and the dental clinic at OSU and this morning we received a call about having a consultation for her cracked wisdom tooth. So after her cardiologist appointment, we went to the dental clinic. And before we knew it, they had Jen in the chair and pulled the two wisdom teeth. And instead of a $1500-$2500 bill, it was under $350. That relieved so much stress!

The next 2 1/2 weeks, unless something new is proposed to us….we are on a break from the big city. That means no long days in the car back and forth…which is music to Jen’s ears.

We did get this in the mail today. It included a schedule of her work up for her transplant. So March 2nd & 3rd she has two very long days of appointments. Until then, we are going to enjoy being home and work on getting Jen stronger.

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