It’s been a long five days. What we thought was going to be a routine visit to the cancer center in Lima, ended up being an ER visit followed by an admission in Columbus .

Jen’s BP was low and her heart rate high. And because her PICC line looked inflamed and the previous week there was a concern she had a blood clot near it and also a spot in her lungs that appeared to be a PE, they wanted to her to be looked over by her Columbus doctors.

At first they said she had pneumonia. Then they said it was her PE getting worse. Jen used the words, ” lesions in the lungs.”. I still don’t know what they were referring to. This is where me not near her is a cause for concern.

They ended up saying she may of had the beginnings of pneumonia but the PE was cleared up. I didn’t even know the PE they had seen the week before wasn’t something that was left from three years ago. I guess not.

Fortunately, Jen’s counts are slowly coming back. However she had a heart echo and the improvements there are a slow go. So next week she will start cardiac rehab. They do think however her low BP is coming from her medication…which is what Randy and I thought all along. Again the presence of a family member to ask questions seems to be necessary with her care.

This evening, I’m sitting and beginning to just now catch my breath for these whirlwind days. Not that I have been running from place to place (because I spent most of it at Matt’s) but my mind has been working overtime. The only real relief is that Jen seems to feel better than she did last week. Randy is back to work tonight …so we are no longer ‘safe home together.’. It was so nice to have spent these last few weeks with him here.

We have a lot to discuss when the time comes for Jen’s transplant. One, because if her heart doesn’t improve…the plan for transplant may look much different. But also, if the fear of COVID-19 continues… we don’t know how we navigate that. Discussions of her being treated in Houston had come up again for both reasons. For now, I am just going to appreciate being home and Jen feeling pretty well.

Thank you for all the prayers and reaching out to us. Hopefully the rest of the week is quiet.

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