May 11, 2020

I have not done much updating as of late. But want to share a few things…

Jen this week will see the oncologist in Lima. Next week a repeat round of chemo will start to keep away the leukemia until transplant.

Jen’s heart function has not yet reached where they like it. It only improved about 5% since February. That puts the output at 35-40%. They like to have it be around 50% so she has a ways to go. So this week they are starting her with cardiac rehab. Hopefully that helps.

Today, Jen is fighting allergies. Oh what joy that is for all of us. But for Jen, with all the other things she fights, it is so much harder. So keep her in your prayers for that.

Tomorrow we have another video call from her doctors at the James. We are discussing not only how we get to transplant but also if there are options at MD Anderson in Houston that she does not have available to her in Columbus. Because her heart function is low, the intense chemo they use prior to transplant is not an option unless her heart recovers. But also MD Anderson currently allows for a caregiver to be at her side through transplant where Columbus does not. And the one thing Jen is scared of is not having anyone with her if things should not go well.

Going to Houston for treatment is not an easy option. Not only will it cost so so much for us to be that far away but we would be away from those we love for three + months. So please include that also in your prayers.

Here is a photo of Jen with her favorite little guy! He is always on the go these days…and sitting still long enough for Jen to get a photo with him…is probably too much to ask of him. LOL

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