Jennifer is pretty tired today. For the last two days, she, along with hundreds of others volunteered in the search for a little boy lost in a neighboring community. While Jen couldn’t physically search, she sat with other volunteers signing up people to help find Isaac.

Unfortunately, Isaac’s body was found in the river that runs behind his family’s home. The outcome has left us all emotionally broken. And the emotional burden on Jen seems to be weighing heavy on her today.

I ask you to keep the Schroeder family in your prayers.

Yesterday, while Jen was volunteering…she got her PET scan results. Her voice box area came back clear! Which is great news. The report did however say she has inflamed tonsils, which may explain why she has been having swelling behind her ear and in the neck. The report also showed Jen’s gallbladder is collapsed. Both these issues were not found on the PET scan in February.

We do not know yet what will be done for her tonsils or gallbladder, if anything. But again, for Jen it is just one more thing. I hate she has this too weighing on her today.

Jen is getting a dressing change today on her central line. Then on Monday she begins another round of maintenance chemo for five days. Hopefully she bounces back quicker than she did this last round.

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