Friday, May 22, 2020

Jen and I just got back from three days in Columbus. On Wednesday, Jen had a central line placed . Since her PICC line had to be pulled and IV is not a good option since Jen is a hard stick…the central line was the best option. This will be the line she will receive her transplant through when her heart is strong enough. Jen has been complaining of the area being sore but it should improve in the next couple days.
Yesterday, Jen had an appointment with radiology. Starting June 10, the plan is to radiate her voice box. This was the location of the myloid sarcoma that caused her to relapse. The radiation will take place over a course of three weeks (not counting weekends). If Jen feels well enough we will come home on the weekends but be in Columbus through the week. Sometimes the traveling back and forth is exhausting for her so we will play that by ear. We really weren’t expecting that many radiation treatments so we are working on navigating a plan for home/Columbus life. When you are a pet owner with who husband works a rotating schedule…all this time living in two places is stressful

Today, Jen had a PET scan to make sure there are no sarcomas popping up anyway else. While no one is really thinking there is any…we are being proactive .

For the last couple weeks, Jen has been very quiet. Not sure if it is because she is that tired or there is a lot on her mind. She is normally very chatty, so changes like this always worry me. Hopefully she will pop out of this soon because I miss her talking my ear off.

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