## Update ## 2pm
She is still in the ER. She is getting two antibiotics but they are still searching for the source(s) of her infection. She is also I believe she is getting the medication for covid ( Hydroxychloroquine) but I’m not 100% positive.
She is suppose to be moved to a stepdown ICU but that has yet to be done. ###

***Update*** 11:15am
Randy spoke to the nurse. She is being admitted. But still in the ER. They believe she is septic but do not know where the infection is coming from. She is awake but very tired. ***

+++ update++
We are still in limbo here. Spoke to Jen briefly this morning. She is wheezing.

I’m terrified.+++++

Asking for prayers from anyone up at this late hour. Left Ottoville at midnight and got Jen to Columbus around 2am. She has a sore throat, cough, and fever. Her throat is red. Praying it isn’t covid-19. ..and something easy to get under control. But the worry runs deep… especially since I can’t be with her.

I’m at Matt’s about 20 minutes from her. Hopefully Jen and I both get some rest tonight.

Love you my girl!

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