Today has been a year long.

Talking to Jennifer hasn’t been easy. She has slept through me calling and texting at times. And when the doctors were in room, there was no attempt to contact me. I have made it known to the nurse, that request doesn’t not fall on Jen as she is too sick and exhausted to keep all that on her mind when they come in. I insisted I get a call when they are in the room. When she improves or declines. It’s frustrating!

She has been stable most of the day. She is now in a stepdown ICU unit at OSU. Her fever has come and gone a few times. Her voice is weak. But no need for O2 as her pulse ox has been good.

We are hoping to add to her treatment some holistic approaches. This may be very difficult to make happen as it would need be on her doctors to add to her treatments. Matt and I have done lots of research the last several months just in case we found ourselves right where we are. We want them to increase her vitamin and iodine intake. I’m not sure if we cant get this added, what decisions as to her care we will need to make. But we are exploring every possibility.

Unfortunately, we live in a world right now in which it’s become difficult to trust anyone or anything. People have been shouting so many theories, we are feeling pretty lost. Even as one explores what has happened at protest throughout this country, so many fingers being pointed. We are living in dark, hard times. But for us, we are living with it while fighting the most horrible cancer.

I don’t say this to start a debate but to do just the opposite. I feel the need for us to pull back and reflect. The only thing that is constant right now…is one thing. And that is God. We are needing to seek Him in our darkest hour.


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