Jen has been doing pretty well. All her vitals continue to be strong and she hasn’t had any new fevers. We are hoping this means the worst is in the past.

We are also are home. I’m not sure if I had said that previously. So she is cuddling on her dog Dexter. We had to make a trip to the ER yesterday because we couldn’t get her central line to flush. I of course, had to sit in the car and wait. Four hours later, they changed the caps to her line and they flushed easily. Sometimes it is these trips that exhaust us more than anything.

I’m dead on my feet again today. I am hoping I get my covid results back today. I’m hoping I’m so tired because of all the stress of this and not because I too am fighting the virus. If I am fighting it, I too have increased my intake of vitamin C, A, and D. I have not have fevers, sore throat, or cough. Just dead tired.

I was thinking last night as I lay next to her listening to her breathe, how when she was just weeks old and home on an apnea monitor…how I would lay there watching the lights blink on the device. Over time I learn to trust it and allowed myself to rest. I’m hoping in time, I am once again trusting she will get through this and I can rest easy.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are going to come out of the other side of this with having gained so much in our faith in God.

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