This is what we are learning. And I feel strongly these things are making a difference.

I am not a doctor…nor do I pretend to be. But Jen went from feeling like a 0 on late Saturday to saying she feels 100% better.

1. Hydrate with good quality mountain spring water that comes in a glass bottle and is drank out of a glass cup.

2. Increase vitamin D, especially if you are over 60 or you have darker colored skin. Or living in a colder climate or do not get much time outdoors. Vitamin D doesn’t not prevent covid-19, but can make recovery quicker.

2000-6000 IU for prevention and maintenance (with a protein)

50,000 IU for four days if treating (with a protein)

3. Add vitamin A to you diet also. (If not pregnant)

Prevention and maintenance – 5000 IU with a protein

If Covid-19 positive
100,000 IU with a protein for four days.

4. Now the key to all this…. vitamin C. Not a tablet. Capsule ok…but even better in powder form. Powder form you will need to look at health food stores or online.

In high doses if you are feeling sick or covid-19 positive. Don’t take all at once but every hour giving yourself 1000-5000mg (up to 10,000 a day). If your digestive system is irritated…take less. You don’t need to do this while you sleep. Do this for four days.

If you are not sick, take also daily. 3000-5000 a day….not all at once

More to come. But want to help others as much as we can to stay out of hospital. And recover quicker.

If these things are helping Jen, I know it can help those of us not as sick as she is. This is not to be a substitute for you getting medical treatment if you are having troubles breathing with a pulse ox under 90, a low blood pressure, or a racing heart. However we have found these steps have improved all Jen’s vitals.

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