My favorite day of the week! Sunday!

Jennifer is continuing to do well. She has a bit of a lingering cough but she is mostly 100% again. We really believe she responded well to Dr Ng’s regimen and we are looking forward to these covid days being in the past.

Randy must be one of those asystematic people because he has shown zero signs of illness. Thank goodness! He is pretty much holding down the fort.

Matt is still here. He has had an off and on headache and feeling tired and achy as well. He seems have moments of not bad at all. And moments where he wants to sleep.

As for me, I haven’t had any new headaches since mid week but exhausted. I curl up near Jen when she is sleeping or on the couch. I think I am sleeping a good 14 hours a day. But no cough or fever.

Thank goodness Jessica tested negative. She dropped off groceries yesterday. Poor Andrew was so sad he couldn’t come in and play with papa. He gave her the what for their whole ride home.

My friend Holly has started a meal train for us because cooking is the last thing I want to do right now. I will leave a link for it in the comments. She lives in Florida, otherwise I could see my friend dropping off food every day. Thank you to Mary E Ricker for the meal today.

Once this is behind us, we will schedule once again Jen to begin radiation. It is on hold until she is covid negative. In the meantime, we pray no cancer finds its way back.104123575_10223033452761918_9202170118853846042_o

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