There are so many different versions of what having covid is like, people are skeptical what’s real and what isn’t. So I want to share our experiences.

For Jen, she has had some of the traditional covid symptoms you hear about. She started with a sore throat, then a fever appeared. She also has had an upset stomach, headache, fatigue, body pain, and diahrea. The first fever she had lasted about 36 hours before it broke. She had a second fever also about 8 days into the virus.

For me, I first experienced a headache that lasted three days. I have had mostly tiredness and fatigue with moments of not feeling bad at all. Early on my body also had pain, especially down my legs. Very low grade fever on occasion. ..but nothing over 100.0

Matt has experienced the headaches and body pain also but also some nausea. Sinuses have bothered him a little also.

Randy has been slow in showing any signs of the virus and only in the last few days has he not felt well. He has complained of body pain, sinus headache, and fatigue. He had a low grade fever earlier today

None of us have had huge respiratory issues but we account this to taking lots of vitamin C and nebalizing. I really believe it is key to keeping the virus from getting out of control. I highly recommend, even if you are not sick…to get your hands on a nebalizer, food grade hydrogen peroxide, powder form or capsule 1000mg vitamin c, lugals’s iodine, vitamin A and D. These things can take time to locate or shipped so don’t wait until you are sick.

If you need help understanding what to get, please reach out to me or Matt.

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