Discussions about covid-19 has been the center of many conversations for several months now in our homes. And like most of you, we wonder about symptoms, infecting others, recovering, and if we then have immunity to this horrible virus. A previous post I wrote, I spoke of the many symptoms we ( Jen, Matt, Randy, and myself) have experienced. Now entering the third week of symptoms, we are wondering when we are 100% again.

The symptom that has been lingering late into this week for Jen and I is fatigue. I think between the two of us, we have slept more than awake in the last 24 hours. And while Jen’s fevers are gone and I have not experienced any…we both are struggling to move past the exhaustion.

Today, I asked Jen if she feels like doing anything feels overwhelming. Her answer was a 100% yes. It feels defeating because we both hoped by now, this would be in the past. And with tears in her eyes, as I dropped her off for labs, she said…”It’s always just another thing.” I don’t even know how to respond to that. She is right…for years now it has been one thing after another. Life shouldn’t feel like this.

In my head, for some reason I think after covid, everything will be normal. But normal isn’t really a thing any more. Normal is lots of hospital visits and labs and doctors. And while everyone seems to getting into the groove of summer and vacations….we are so envious. God forgive us, we want the life so many others have.

So when you drive by or see a post by one of us.. please say a prayer for Jen. We know God works mysteriously. Jen sometimes wants to know her life will give her some joy and relief. I want that for her also. More than anything.

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