Good morning all!

Last night was a good night. My rash is slowly giving way. I was able to get some good sleep last night even with the early morning vitals and blood labs.

This morning they had to redo my labs to check to see if the first labs were right. My hemoglobin dropped from an 8.2 to a 6.9 and then read a 7.0. So l will be getting a hemoglobin transfusion. I don’t need platelets or anything else which is good.

With being on chemo and IV fluids my counts are going to drop. The fact that I have gone almost 2 full weeks without needing a transfusion is amazing.

My sister Jessica Crawford stayed the night with me. We played countless rounds of rummy and learned how to french braid my hair….well sorta.

Yesterday we went on 2 walks around the hospital and my own floor which will reduce the heparin shots that I may need.

Today we did another quick walk around the floor before I was due for a refill on my chemo and my transfusion.

The nurses and PCA’s here love my hair Laura Moreo. Already planning my next color!


My brother Matt Honigford is coming down to see me this afternoon/evening and I believe mom and dad will be back down tomorrow.

They keep talking about moving me down to the 15th but that hasn’t happened yet so I am not holding my breath. I don’t mind the 16th floor.

If you want to send me an ecard or a present my current room number 1604. If I happen to change rooms before it gets to me they will make sure I get it anyway.

I really appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers and the donations. It really helps more than you know.

If you want to visit please let me know and we can set that up 🙂

Keep my family and me in your thoughts and prayers as well as those in Tennessee. Those fires are scary and can’t imagine what the people of Tennessee ate going through right now.

God bless!

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