We are at The James. They have iv started and lots of viles of blood taken. Dr Long will be looking at her blood later this evening or morning and give us more ideas what we are dealing with. They will start her on meds to protect her kidneys. Early in week they will be doing a bone marrow draw to zero in on type of leukemia and treatment plan. Columbus will become her and my home for 4-6 weeks is what they said to expect.


Update –

The doctor just came in. Looking at cells under the microscope he doesn’t see many abnormal cells. They will check her bone marrow on monday and by Tues we should have more answers.

He isn’t convinced it is leukemia but as he said …he is a hematologist not a pathologist. The doctor in Lima that looked at her smear was a pathologist. He was the one who thought leukemia. The only way to know what it is will be the bone marrow test. Keep prayers coming.

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