This evening Jennifer is headed to Columbus with her sister Jessica for early morning appointment with the clinical trial folks at the James. Thankfully they are able to stay with Randy’s aunt Diann. She is preparing them a late evening meal when they arrive which is super nice of her.

Jen overall felt ok today. She has a bit fatigued and light headed this morning but as the day progressed she felt a bit better.

A bit of bad news for her today was the place she was in contact with to harvest her eggs after chemo told her they don’t except her insurance. So I’m not sure if there may be another place she can do this with or if we will need to figure out how to pay for that out of pocket. The initial visit over $250 and without knowing additional cost from there it is definitely something to figure out. This is one of those things I need to let go and let God lead us to the answer. Prayers needed in that department.

We decorated today for Christmas and listened to Christmas music nearly all day. Every year we question why there are so many versions of the song Last Christmas, one of Matt‘ s least favorite Christmas songs.

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