Heroes always show up in those moments you need them most. On the afternoon Jennifer was to have her bone marrow biopsy, I had one heck of a stomach ache and needed tums so badly. But fear if I went down to the gift shop, they would show up to do the biopsy and I wouldn’t be there for Jen. I prayed my stomach ache would subside as I needed to be at her side. But it was not letting up.

In desperation, I asked her nurses if they had anything I could take, but they directed me to the gift shop. That day, Jennifer’s personal care assistant was this spunky young woman. She had a beautiful bed side manner and always a beautiful smile on her face. When she heard of my problem, she came in the room and told me she would run to the gift shop for me. Not 10 minutes later, she showed up with tums. I immediately took them and my stomach ache subsided quickly. Soon there after the team showed up to do Jen’s biopsy and I was able to sit near her and hold her hand through it. I am so grateful for my hero that day. And that God sent her to me.

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