Week 2

The ‘thank yous” for week 2 is going to take me awhile to write. 1. because I am cooking a late dinner tonight due to not getting back from Jen’s hair appt until 7:30 and 2. because the list is so long. It may just end up taking a couple post to complete.

✓ Thank you again Diann Neal and Ernie Nealfor allowing Jessica and Jennifer to stay with you last week so that they were able to get to their early morning appt.
✓ Thank you Deb Spieles for your message this week. I am looking forward to seeing what you and Jessica have planned.
✓ Thank you Kimberly Bair for the conversation. It is nice to have your insight about these battles that lay ahead.
✓ Thank you Alex Warnement also for planning an event for Jen. And also Jessica Crawford for taking over some of the load in planning it.
✓ Thank you Dolores Johnson for sharing with me about the chapel at the James. Randy and I took a tour of it when we recognized the names outside the door. It is such a peaceful place.
✓ Thank you Angela Gamble for the nice conversations over the last week. I hope your battle with this horrible disease is a short one and life can get back to some normalcy soon for you.
✓ Thank you Tabitha Maag for your messages through out this week. I was feeling pretty low a couple of times, and those words and often snapchats of those cute babies are really helpful. Also thank you for setting up with Laura to do Jen’s hair. The smile on her face will push me through.
✓ Thank you Laura Moreo! She is still smiling! Her hair looks amazing. You did a wonderful job and your kindness will not be ever forgotten.

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