Oh how 24 hours makes a difference.  Although Jennifer is still uncertain there are improvements, me, the docs, and nurses can see them.  

Jen is down to only one liter of oxygen from four.  Her respirations are nearly half of what they were (over 40 yesterday morning ). She slept (although mostly in the recliner) over night with less coughing episodes and less vivid dreams. She is able to ask for things she wants and communicate more clearly. She also showered without her oxygen and wasn’t as physically tired as she was two days ago. Yesterday she was too fatigued to shower. 

They also have removed her IV and have started her drugs orally. Not having to drag around an IV pole feels so good. She has a bit of a sore throat and ear ache but the doctor said as her white count comes up, we will see some other symptoms of her cold. These should clear up in a day or so. 

Her white count is at .91 and ANC close to 1000. Her platelets didn’t fall as much as they have previously meaning the marrow is fighting to work. Her hemoglobin got a boost yesterday from the transfusion and is low but stable today.

I will attend pharmacy training on Monday morning with the hopes, she will be released by Tuesday -Wednesday.  Her insurance company must be over joyed as they have been asking since day +4 when she will be out of hospital.  Today her dad is coming down and tomorrow, we will all be together as a family,  which is the first time since we were at the state tournament on March 16. I’m excited!

We wish all of you the happiest and Holiest of Easters! Many prayers and lots of love to all of you! 

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