Because they thought Jen may be sent home today, housing booked her hotel starting last evening (to give me a chance to stock the fridge and take over her things). So last evening I stayed at the hotel. I slept great too. And for the first time in a month, I made myself breakfast.  

There is nothing better than getting yourself more milk without having to ask someone to get it for you. Or being able to undress in your bedroom or brush you teeth without having to go to a public restroom.

Unfortunately Jennifer hasn’t been able to enjoy this freedom with me. Her O2 dropped last night in her sleep, her cough still holding on and her ANC had a drop to 590. They tell us that when you receive platelets, it can drive down white count and ANC scores. So at this point she is not been able to go to outpatient status.

It’s difficult to work through the waiting game but it is the only choice we have. It makes everything, even the smallest of things like making your own breakfast feel so big. Continued request for prayers as Jen is ready to move forward.  

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