Jen didn’t ask today about being released.  Not because she doesn’t want out of the hospital but because she knows she has to be here a bit longer than planned. 

Yesterday, the Doctor Walker ordered a chest ct.  She wasn’t satisfied that her chest xrays didn’t show signs of infection because with Jen’s cough, she had a strong suspicion Jen had something going on. The chest ct showed signs of pneumonia.  She was started again on IV antibotics and scheduled breathing treatments. 

This set back, although not what we hoped, seems to be well controlled at this point.  Low grade fevers were able to fix themselves without need for Tylenol.  Jen’s growing white count is most likely the reason her body has been able to fight. Yesterday her wc was 1.2 with ANC under 1000. Today she has pushed her wc over 3 and ANC over 2000. This is the numbers we have been waiting for. We expect they will continue to climb and her cough will go away soon.

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