So today while talking with the doctor. If it is leukemia it could possibly be pre leukemia.

The plan was if I were to have chemo done to harvest some of my eggs to save so that I could have a better chance at having kids in the future.

Unfortunately due to how long it takes to prep my body for an egg harvest it would postpone any treatment. Which my doctor strongly advises against.

As hard as it is to hear that everyone person and body is different and I still may have viable eggs even after treatment.

But I also am ok with looking to other options for a family in my future.

Not the best news to hear, but I won’t let it stop me from getting better. I can become a mom on other ways but need to be healthy for that.

My transfusion went well with no side effects. I also had my CT scan this morning.

My mom is here now for the day and I have the possibility of having some visitors later today.

I am in good spirits and ready to give it my all.

Please if you can donate blood whether you are my blood type or not please do so. One donation = 4 transfusions. Although your blood may not go to me directly it will replenish what I used today or be used to help someone else in need.

Thank you for all the prayers and good vibes. I truly and blessed to have such great support.

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