Sunday December 18

Alas, Jennifer had a better night sleep. They found her the right combination to help her relax. Anxiety was getting the best of her, especially having to wear an oxygen mask for several hours. About 5 am, Huxley (what we have named her fever) broke. Hopefully he stays away.

Randy stayed with Jen, while Jessica and Matt took me to get some rest at a hotel close by. Since staying at holiday Inn express makes you simply brilliant, we all are now better equipped to cure Jen.Heather stayed back at home to watch after the two small dogs, while our big puppy Dex got to attend the Fischer family Christmas thanks to my sister Sue. If it wasn’t for the help of Heather and Sue, I would be so lost right now.

I don’t know the plan for today for Jen but hopefully it includes a dance towards healing and finding out how to make this horrible rash, which we have named Rhys by the way, go away.

This evening, Jess and Matt will head back home and Randy will be here with me through early Tuesday. Thank you for the continued prayers. Even if we are here next week over Christmas, it is a blessing to know we are together with and so much support back home.20

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