Monday December 19
They are going to decrease the amount of Tylenol jen gets to see if this decrease her liver function numbers ( bilirubin ). They will use cold packs to decrease the fever.

She also has a decrease in urine. They will change meds up to see if that will help

They also are running a big series of blood panels to look for different flu/cold viruses. Until they have results we need to gown up with gloves and face protection (has a plastic shield up over eyes). We will know in 24 hours if we need to continue this or not. We sure hope not as it is very uncomfortable to be in for a long time.
Randy is going home this evening as he works tomorrow evening. Hopefully when he returns at the end of the week Jen has improved so much she will be ready to open some Christmas gifts.

This Friday the Patrick Vetter and Alex Warnement at the Main Street Market will be hosting a corn hole tournament with games starting as early as 3pm. You can pre register your team to pick your best starting time. Contact Jessica Crawford for more information. Registration fees will go to Jennifer to help her during this difficult time. Nothing would bring a smile to her face faster then to know her community, family, and friends rally together and bring her some much needed holiday cheer.

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